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Blue Zones Project is brought to Walla Walla Valley through the collaboration of Walla Walla University, with support from Adventist Health, in partnership Sharecare, Inc. and Blue Zones, LLC.

Walla Walla Valley is the 52nd Blue Zones Project demonstration site in North America—and the first in the state of Washington. Blue Zones Project is impacting nearly four million lives in 56 communities across 12 states. In certified communities, significant progress has been made to improve the well-being of the community; creating a healthier, happier place to learn, live, work, play and worship.

To ensure Walla Walla’s success — we need your help. Blue Zones Project invites YOU to be an integral part of this exciting work. 



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Blue Zones, recognized pioneers and innovators in population health, provides the tools to transform environments to drive physical, mental, social, and professional well-being. Rooted in years of international anthropological research and data-driven results, our world-renowned experts and solutions transform cities and implement sustainable change. Blue Zones Project Communities benefit from better health, significant medical cost savings, productivity improvements, increased economic vitality, and lowered obesity and smoking rates.